Roma’s House

When I was in college, I fell in love with a house for the first time. 420 Lincoln Street in Bloomington, Indiana was a whimsical bungalow, built in the twenties. From the high ceilings, to the dark wood molding, I adored every inch of that place. I felt a deep connection to that house. When I graduated and moved out, I knew I would never find a house that special again.

And then…Roma’s House entered my life.

I moved to New Braunfels after college, four years ago. A family friend owned a 500 square foot Sunday home, previously owned by a woman named Roma. It was built in 1871, and had been restored to its original charm. The moment I walked into the tiny home, I had that feeling again, a deep sense of comfort and connection.

I have made it my own, adding little details here and there, always with purpose and meaning. It has been a lifestyle change, having to learn to live minimalistically, but I’ve learned to embrace the small space!

I know it sounds silly, being in love with an inanimate object, but this house is magical. It’s like a life-sized dollhouse, a real fairytale. And I love every moment, the good and the bad, that I get to have in this special house.

This blog’s purpose is to share my tiny taste for life: healthy cooking in a cramped kitchen; decorating and maintaining an old home; and appreciating the little things in life because that is what matters the most, right?

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