Floating Bookshelves

“Wait. How are the books floating like that?”


I cannot tell you how many times people walk into my tiny home, see the bookshelves above my desk and ask some variation of that question. In fact, I have been asked to explain how the mysterious, floating bookshelves work more than I’d like to explain. So, let me explain…

I love to read. I always have. I have also dreamed of having my very own library, which I am working on as we speak. Goals! So my house, at one point, was consumed by books. (In addition to those currently pictured on the shelves, I also have books in my trunk and a personal stash in one of the closets of my classroom…shh…). I had books on nearly every standing surface in my house, which is not a lot of surface. When I would try to grab a book to read, or possibly dust and stuff, I was moving books around constantly. Books everywhere!

Then, behold, I found these shelves while searching Pinterest, or Tumblr, or Etsy, or…who knows, I spend a lot of time alone. (It was Amazon, duh.) I started with two, and then four, and now five, but I need more. Because they are wonderful and create the perfect tiny library for my tiny office consisting of a desk. And a lamp.

The back cover of the book is slid onto the shelf and held by a tiny lip. The rest of the books are stacked from there, creating the illusion of books floating!

Living in a small space, I think of the main room as different compartments, or “areas.” I have my bed, front table, office, sitting area, TV, etc. It’s not just my bedroom to me, which is what people often refer to it as. No matter, this desk/study/office area is one of my most favorite areas in the house. Mostly, because of my books. And that they are floating.


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