Farmhouse Delivery

This morning, there was a quick knock on my door. Sitting outside was a crate, labeled Farmhouse Delivery. It was like Christmas morning. I brought the crate in and immediately opened it to explore its contents. You know you are a legitimate self-proclaimed foodie when a crate of locally grown vegetables gives you goosebumps. I had goosebumps. IMG_0440

Farmhouse Delivery is a farm to door grocer based out of Austin, Texas. All of their produce is from farms within 150 miles of Austin. That means, it is fresh. Without pesticides, processing, packaging, etc., you are guaranteed food that is high in quality and grown with love. The best part? It is affordable. Farmhouse Delivery makes good food accessible. If you read their mission statement, it is clear that this company genuinely cares about connecting people with the food they eat, through working with local farmers and ranchers, to deliver incredible produce, meat, and more TO YOUR DOORSTEP!

How does it work? There is a one time registration fee. But after that, you are a member until you’re a member until you’re a member! They offer bushels of seasonal, locally grown produce. You can choose a large bushel or a medium bushel. The bushel size determines the amount of produce, and thus, the price and serving size. From there, you can decide how often you want your bushel delivered. You can have a bushel delivered weekly or bi-weekly. I am currently subscribed to having a medium bushel delivered every other week. This is the medium bushel I received today:

The delivery comes with an inventory of the produce included, as well as suggestions for storage and shelf life. As a lover of gardening, farmers markets, and supporting all things local, I am head over heals for Farmhouse Delivery.

Wait though, that’s not all. In addition to bushels, they offer al a carte orders of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, baked goods, prepared foods, spices and more. They even have options for those with dietary restrictions. And even more, Farmhouse Delivery has…Supper Club!

For my first time ordering through Farmhouse Delivery, I went all out. I knew I wanted the produce, but I also wanted to try out a couple Supper Club options. So, what is Supper Club? Farmhouse Delivery’s Supper Club is an ever-changing meal kit. But it is more than just that because it features all things local: produce, protein, sauces, spices, and TASTE! Each meal is individually packaged in a thermal lined tote. They come with all of the ingredients and detailed instructions for preparing the meal. For my first Supper Club, I received a meal kit for “Shrimp and Green Kimchi Fried Rice with Poached Egg” and “Beef Burger on Pretzel Bun with Banana Pepper Relish and Spiced Okra Fries.”


Did I mention the Christmas analogy earlier? I couldn’t wait to play with my new gifts! I made the Burgers for lunch today. It couldn’t have been simpler and it was so incredibly delicious. All of the spices were measured and ready to be added to the burgers and okra. All of the sauces were pre-mixed and ready to dress the burger. I have always wondered about the meal kit trend, and I suppose I get it now. I highly recommend it for those who are busy and on the go. I also find it very educational for those who want to begin their adventures in the kitchen :).

I have been following Farmhouse Delivery for a long time on Instagram and Facebook. I regularly find inspiration from their posts of produce and recipes. I am proud to now be a member of their movement because I whole-heartedly support their cause. Shop, eat, cook, and live local.

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One thought on “Farmhouse Delivery

  1. Another great one. I tried Blue Apron delivery for a few months.. LOVED IT. And had a great time cooking with my daughter. But I had to stop since my busy and erratic schedule meant some of the produce going bad before I had a chance to make it. The life of a retailer.
    This is great information. ❤️

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