My Kitchen

This post is to let it be known that you do not need a fancy kitchen, full of fancy gadgets to create fancy food. And a fancy life. My life is very fancy, despite my 500 square foot house being a mere 20 feet wide, my dog being deaf, and my memory being that of someone 4 times my age.

SO, built in the 1870’s, this home was originally a Sunday house. Sunday houses served as a second residence for farmers and ranchers who lived in rural areas to come into the town for Service, as well as market and business. Roma’s house was, for a long time, a single room (the main, front room). A bathroom and kitchen were added on, creating a small, but perfectly functional and livable tiny home.


The main room is the first thing you see when you walk in, and is typically the room that gets the “oohs” and “ahhs.” But the real star of the show? The kitchen. Though small, she is mighty. With dimensions of 12′ by 10,’ the space is limited. However, all of the necessities are there! With a little creativity, I can cook just about anything.

View from doorway leading into the kitchen
Creativity is not just needed for the food preparation. Storage is another issue. Everything in this room has a place to make it easily accessible but out of the way. I can say that my organizational skills have become more savvy, but at the price of my obsessive compulsiveness becoming less savvy (if that is even a thing). I like all of my things that have a place, to be in their place! The butcher block makes that possible and is probably my favorite thing in this entire kitchen. It rolls, making it easy to move and clean. I do most of my chopping and mixing on that surface. It’s small, but that seems to be the theme here, so it works for me! I will always have a rolling butcher block, I think. 

The guitar cutting board is the best.
When I need more floor space, I will scoot the table up flush with the china cabinet, which holds an abundance of my whose-its and whats-its galore. No big deal. What is a big deal, on the other hand, is that tiny sink. To put it into perspective, there are two mason jars in the sink and…it’s full. But, when one door closes, another one opens, and that other door is the retro, working fridge located under the dish-drying rack. Drinks are stored there, freeing up space in my actual refrigerator.

That handsome dude there is Doug, by the way. 
My stove and oven range does its job. It has taken me quite a few failures to understand the correct temperatures to cook at, despite what the recipe says. And those cast-iron skillets are not decoration, I cook nearly everything in cast iron. The seasoning can’t be beat and its perfect for anything, from stove top to oven. A family friend put together my little spice rack, which is flawless, like my dreams. It holds everything I regularly use while cooking, my must-haves: my Trader Joe’s spices (because they are, hands down, the best and its my favorite store….wink, wink), olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, Texas Pete, Frank’s, and Cholula. I’m a spicy girl, what can I say?

Hi, Moon.
And there you have it. A 360 view of my tiny kitchen! (That calendar, by the way, is my way of making it appear as though I am a very put together human being. I actually have several calendars and, for those that know me, I am still forgetting which way is up. Fortunately, I can’t get too lost in this house!)

As I’ve said before, I am in love with this house. I claim her to be one of my best friends. She is my security blanket, my most favorite place to be. And although the kitchen may lack in size, the food that is made within it is made with love, therefore it does not lack in taste. Like this YUM dinner I made tonight…

Thank you, Farmhouse Delivery, for this incredible Supper Club meal kit: Shrimp and Green Kimchi Fried Rice with Poached Egg.

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