Roma’s Shed

This is the shed behind my house, Roma’s shed. It is anything but glamorous. It’s rickety. The floor is made of old bricks and dirt. Who knows what has found shelter within its walls. For the longest time, I was scared to go past the first few feet, where I store my garden tools, lawn mower, Christmas decorations, etc.


One cool afternoon, in what little bit of Fall South-Central Texas has, I ventured past those first few feet. Since then, Roma’s shed has been a regular source of adventure, being that finding old treasures (also known as “junk”) is incredibly exciting to me. In fact, when I went in to take pictures earlier today, I walked out with items I had never seen before. (The “Seashells” picture will be perfect in my science classroom and I’m thinking the drawers could make for some neat shelves.) It is so much fun to have this in my own backyard.


Even more so because I love to decorate, and my process is very purposeful. Everything in my home is placed meaningfully to create cohesiveness while still leaving little surprises here and there. Some of my most favorite pieces come from Roma’s shed. 

During one of my “picking” sessions out back, I found a few boxes of books, which I was ecstatic about because, as you know, I love books. And to find genuinely interesting books? Unreal! I have read through many of these, skimming their pages and making them a part of my home, in more ways than one.  This particular book, Off the Beaten Trail, is one of my favorites.

Deep in one of the boxes, I found this gem, The Night Before Christmas In Texas, That Is. Published in 1952, the book is old and worn, but undeniably incredible, a true collectable. Not to mention, a really cute story! This little pearl stays out all year ’round because any book about Texas is worthy of being displayed.

Without a doubt, my favorite shed discovery is a set of watercolors. The set is made up of four small, yet intricate, paintings of flowers. They are beautiful, no doubt, but that isn’t even the best part. The name of each flower is written in german and the date is marked 1947. My favorite is “Edelweiss,” for obvious reasons (The Sound of Music has my love). Roma, the woman who owned this house many moons ago, was from Germany. I assume these paintings made their way into my backyard from her birthplace. To say that I am proud to have them hanging on my wall would be an understatement. Of everything in this beautiful house I get to call a home, these tiny water colors are dearest and nearest to my heart.

I have told several people that I feel a presence in this house. Nothing scary. It may sound strange, I get it. And it’s hard to explain. But I like to think Roma is proud of the legacy that is her tiny home. I find comfort in having her possessions decorating the house. Plus, they are one-of-a-kind because they were found in the shed behind my house. How lucky am I?


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